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Leaf Trading Post


Band/braid weaving, sprang and ply-split braiding


I make tools for weaving and ply-split braiding and sprang frames,  I usually have a variety available at any one time, and you're welcome to contact me. I am also a Stoorstalka stockist.

GripfidsGripfids, Leaf Trading PostGripfids, Leaf Trading Post

- these are available in short and long, in three different sizes (4, 6 and 8mm). I started making a short version and have found it very pleasing to use when working in POT.

The long gripfids are more suitable for SCOT or as an all rounder, and are also really useful for fibre/rush basketry borders.

My gripfids have their own page, which is here.



Sprang frames, Leaf Trading PostSprang frames, Leaf Trading PostSprang frames
 - made from three types of wood, with subtle differences in all three. Contact me for a flyer which will help you choose. Prices, including postage, for 'flat-pack' or assembled frames:
Pine sprang frame £48 / £55
Beech sprang frame £59
Oak sprang frame £64 / £69


Handmade wooden shuttles, Leaf Trading PostHandmade wooden shuttles, Leaf Trading Post

Hand-made wooden shuttles
- made here in the workshop in a variety of woods, shapes and sizes. Some are delicate, and some are sturdy. I started making these after wanting shuttles that I couldn't easily find elsewhere. Nowadays I use a very small wooden shuttle for most of my weaving. I find that using a beautiful wooden shuttle makes weaving much more enjoyable. £30

Sunna5 braidweaving kitSunna5 braidweaving kit

Braidweaving kit, Sunna 5
 - for weaving braids with 5 floating patterned threads. Ready threaded-up in four different colourways, and the kit has all the bits and pieces you need to get weaving. All you'll need is a belt, and somewhere to attach the far end of the weaving to - a door handle will be fine. £40



Sigga 8 kitSigga 8 kitBraidweaving kit, Sigga 8

 - for weaving braids with alternating colour blocks, with 8 floating threads. The braids at the left are the sort of braids that you can weave with this kit - the choice of colours after you've woven your first braid is up to you! £40



small heddle and shuttlesmall heddle and shuttleBraid weaving heddles, small
- in gold/silver/black/white £16

Gehpa shuttle (curved Sami-style shuttle, plastic, for patterned braid weaving)
- in silver/white £16

cloth shopper bags, Stoorstalkacloth shopper bags, StoorstalkaStoorstalka cloth bags
I have a few of these here in stock - a nice way to keep all of your weaving things in one place! £9






Postage is charged extra and is typically £4 within the UK for smaller items.
Contact me to purchase any of the above, thank you.


A mention here to the Braid Society - an interesting and useful society to join!